LAKUA / Manabu Yamada “KANKO the cold light”

“Ten Bulls” is a series of ten pictures from the Zen tradition which illustrate the path towards enlightenment. In the seventh picture there is a poem with the words “a path of cold light” . It is believed that with the appearance of this intense cold light, all restrictions of spacial time disappear, and true emptiness is revealed before one’s eyes. LAKUA/ Manabu Yamada, by scraping and gouging the surfaces of photographs, began noticing faint traces of this “cold light” and refined them as artworks, as glimpses of intense light which break down all barriers brought by time and space, the inner and outer, life and death.


LAKUA / Manabu Yamada  “KANKO the cold light”
ラクア / 山田学 寒光
会期:2017年4月11日(火)〜16日(日) 12:00-18:00 入場無料
・レセプション 18:00~
・トークショウ 19:00~ 『インド体験・光・十牛図』
2ヶ月におよんだラクア/山田学のインド滞在 そこで体験した、凄まじいまでの光。
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